The Code Kitty Workshop Model

Our workshops have helped over 300 students succeed at coding, robotics, and engineering.

All of our donations go back into providing our robot kits and instructional materials as cheaply as possible, and we rely on grants to cover our operational costs.

Our robots are printed from biodegradable PLA plastic (made from corn starch!), on 3D printers powered with solar power. Green is the new black.


We’ve worked really hard to keep our costs down, and are proud to offer our 3 hour in person workshop, which includes the robot kit, for a low suggested donation per student.

If this isn’t feasible for you, head to our Contact page and talk to us about it. We can probably work something out! The workshop experience includes a 3D printed robot kit for each student, and three hours of hands-on instruction in builing the robot and coding in Python

Suggested donation amount is $50/student